Herbalissima International LTD is a Canadian online marketing company. We develop and deliver top-quality, high-impact health products by fusing the experience and wisdom of traditional medicine with the advancements and rigor of modern day science.  Our goal is to enable you, our customers, to enjoy a happier and healthier life and to support our team of dedicated distributors in becoming successful entrepreneurs.

The following is our Mission and Vision. They define who we are and what we do. Furthermore, they are always close to the heart of each and every Herbalissima “family member” and continuously shape how our decisions are made and carried out.


Care for your health with our products.

Help you succeed through your business.


Attract the best talent to become a trusted and globally-recognized company of top quality natural

products that best meet the health needs of today’s world.

Build a business where our most valuable asset, our distributors, are healthier because

of our products, are rewarded for their dedication, and are inspired

to achieve their personal best.

Create a supportive network of customers and distributors where ideas and

knowledge are shared, personal successes are celebrated,

and goals for better health are achieved.

As a Canadian company, we want to plant strong roots deeply in our beloved home country.  But we will not stop there.  Our long term plan is to bring our quality products within the reach of consumers of a global market.  Each step of our expansion will be strategically planned and carefully executed, from branching out first into the U.S., Mexico, Central and South Americas to blooming at every corner of the world.

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