Herbalissima’s preferred customer program is designed to give preferred customers (or customer) freedom to select their own products directly from the company’s online catalog while taking advantage of online shopping convenience. The program will also offer a discount to preferred customers on their purchases.
Independent distributors are encouraged to promote this program, as it will effectively lessen their workload in product handling, delivery, and customer services. The program also allows only that a preferred customer goes to his/her own sponsor’s web store (website) to complete a purchase. Therefore, the associated preferred customer volume (PCV) and preferred commission will be immediately credited to respective sponsoring distributors.
Payment of online purchases will be processed using a customers’ credit card information via credit card processers.
The company will ship purchased goods directly to the invoice address.

Purchasing From Another Distributor

Preferred customers must purchase products via their own sponsors’ web store. However, if a preferred customer chose to purchase from another distributor offline, the products purchased will NOT carry any Herbalissima warranty. The preferred customer’s sponsoring distributor, however, will NOT receive any PCV or preferred commissions, otherwise associated with such purchase potentially.

Payment Processing Failure

In the event when a preferred customer’s payment failed during processing. The company will attempt to contact the customer by his or her provided telephone number and/or email to obtain a valid payment method. If such attempts were unsuccessful after five (5) times and within three (3) business days, the order will be rejected by the company.

Shipping and Back-Order

The company will make an effort to ship products within seven (7) business days after the order was processed and posted. If a product is out of stock, ordering for it will be temporarily suspended till additional inventory was available. The company has the right to provide estimates on product availability.
However, in case a preferred customer did place an order on a back-ordered product, the customer may request in writing for a substituting product of equal or higher price. The difference in price and appropriate taxes will be paid in full by the customer.

Confirmation of Receiving

A customer who has received an ordered shipment is recommended to confirm with Herbalissima that the product is free of damage and also matches the quantity listed on enclosed packing list, within seven (7) days of receiving. Failure to notify the company defects or discrepancies within said period will void the customer’s right to request for an exchange or refund from the company.

Restrictions on Third-Party Use of Credit Cards

Without a written permission from a cardholder, a customer is NOT permitted to use another distributor’s or customer’s credit card or bank account information for any enrollment or purchases from Herbalissima. Anyone shall NOT provide his/her own credit card or bank account information to another person for enrollment or purchases. If similar events did occur, the company is NOT responsible for any unauthorized and/or unintended charges to the credit card or bank account.
Credit card or bank account information of one customer also will NOT be accepted by the company for another customer’s purchases, except that when the information’s owner provides a legally drafted and executed authorization form, which clearly specifies a person, an authorized amount, and a definitive period of time within which the authorization is valid.
Note: Herbalissima is NOT responsible for any unintended or unauthorized charges and will NOT accept disputes of these charges.


Preferred customers shall NOT resolve billing disputes ONLY by chargeback by their credit card providers. All billing disputes shall be submitted to Herbalissima’s Customers Relation office first. If a resolution was unsatisfactory, the customer shall escalate his or her case to Herbalissima’s Legal office.
Note: Filing a false chargeback claim may result in civil charges being filed by the company against any offending parties.

Sales Taxes

For purchases made by preferred customers, the company must collect and remit sales taxes that are calculated on the basis of the actual price at purchase. However, the applicable tax rate is based on the address where the shipment is destined.
If a customer has submitted a current and valid Sales Tax Exemption Certificate, or Sales Tax Registration License or other valid exemption document, sales tax will not be added to the invoice. In this case, the responsibility of collecting and remitting sales taxes to the appropriate authorities shall be the sole responsibility of the customer. Exemption from the payment of sales tax is applicable only to orders that are shipped to a country, state/province/territory where the tax exemption papers are filed and accepted. Any sales tax exemption accepted by the Herbalissima will not be retroactive.
Applicable sales taxes will be charged on orders that are drop-shipped to another state or province.


Product Warranty

Herbalissima will only provide top-quality products and warrant products on package/container rupture, faulty workmanship or inadvertent design/manufacture shortage. The damaged product will be replaced at no cost to customers if it is unopened and resalable.


If a customer is unsatisfied with any Herbalissima products, the customer may return the product to the company within thirty (30) days for a refund, replacement or exchange, less any shipping and/or handling charges if applicable. Failure of to return within said period will result in an additional CAD $30 stocking fee for the company to process late returns. An actual photo indicating the defects of the product and a copy of the original sales receipt are required.

All returns must have a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA). An RMA number can be obtained by filling out and application form, which can be found on the company’s website or by contacting the Herbalissima Customer Relation office at 416-335-5198. This RMA must be written on the outside of each box/carton returned. Packages received without an RMA number will not be processed. Therefore, packages sent to the company without RMA will be returned to the customer at his/her expense.
The refund process may be subjected to the customer’s prior record of compliance.
Volumes for any returns will be deducted from the respective distributors and all their uplines in the following weeks after the refund is processed. There are no refunds on any service that has been completed. Herbalissima will not accept any returns for the same product of a different batch/lot.


The customer may also exchange a product that is defective. However, the exchange will be a same product of same manufacturing batch as the defective one.

Returns by Terminated Customers

Any customers who have terminated their distributorship must notify the company in writing. Any unused and resalable products of theirs and products that have been shipped to them prior to the termination may be returned to the company for a refund, less 10% of the original purchase price as processing fee and less commissions and/or bonuses paid. All returns will, in turn, have the corresponding purchase volume be deducted from the terminated distributors’ upline.

Additional Notes on Returns

  • The customers who have purchased directly from Herbalissima via shipment must return via shipment only.
  •  Products are not considered resalable, if (1) the product is not resalable or the product’s shelf life has passed; (2) the product has been used; (3) the company has indicated prior to the purchase that the product is only seasonal and/or only for special promotions (including show specials), which are not subjected to repurchase obligation; and (4) the product is discontinued at purchase.
  • Opened DVDs, CDs or previously factory-sealed merchandise will not be resalable; therefore, CANNOnT be returned. However, if a product was defective, it will be replaced with a qualified product.
  • The return must be accompanied by:

1) A copy of the original retail sales receipt or invoice.
2) Proper shipping carton(s) and packing materials are to be used in packaging the product(s) being returned for replacement or refund.
3) Customers should use UPS, Federal Express, or shipping companies who provide tracking capabilities. Insurance on the shipment is advisable as any losses or damages are responsibilities of the customer.
4) All returns must be shipped to company with shipping charges paid fully. Company does not accept collect-shipment or damaged packages. If returned products are not received by Herbalissima’s distribution center, the company will not be responsible for tracking the shipment.

  •  If the shipment or the contents arrived damaged, photos will be taken. A note will be emailed to the customer explaining the damage. The customer will have thirty (30) days to file a claim with the shipping company for the damages. If the customer fails to: (1) file a claim against the shipping Company, and (2) notify Herbalissima that claim, after thirty (30) days, Herbalissima will dispose the product, but no refund will be issued. Please note that in all cases, whoever makes a shipment is the one who may file a claim for any damages.

Sales Aids

Sales aids are sold by Herbalissima to assist independent distributors in the promotion, sale or distribution of products. They are not sold directly to preferred customers who are not authorized to re-sell Herbalissima products. However, in the event when a preferred customer had purchased a defect sales aid (e.g., a sample product), the customer can only exchange for another same product within thirty (30) of the initial purchase, providing such product is still available.

Sales aids do not generate purchase volumes.
Preferred customers must not sell or offer to sell Herbalissima’s sales aids to anyone else.


Effect of Cancellation

Following a preferred customer’s voluntary or involuntary cancellation/termination of his or her Preferred Customer Agreement, the customer must not present himself or herself as a Herbalissima preferred customer.

Additional Notes on Orders

1.Placing Orders

Orders placed directly through the corporate office can be made by fax, phone or via internet. Fax orders, must be completed on a Herbalissima product order form. Incomplete orders will NOT be processed. Each order must have one shipping address.

2. Substitute or Combine Orders

Preferred customers must NOT place any orders using another preferred customer’s I.D. number or combine any orders with another customer.

3. Enrollment Manipulation and Sales Volume

Herbalissima distributors must NOT manipulate the enrollment of any new preferred customers in any ways. Preferred customers’ registration and product order forms must be sent to Herbalissima by email or regular mail or by entering online, within seven (7) days from when the files are executed by a distributor.
“Bonus buying” is strictly prohibited.

4. Telephone Assistance Hours

Herbalissima provides customer assistance to all distributors and preferred customers from 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time, Tuesday to Friday. Saturday hours are 9AM to 3PM Eastern Time.

5. Order Deadlines

Faxed and emailed orders must be received by 5PM Eastern Time on Friday, for them to be processed within the same commission cycle.

6. Internet Ordering

Orders can be placed online at a distributor’s web store any time a day, but they will only be processed during regular business hours. Internet orders must be submitted before 9PM Eastern Time on Friday each week in order to be processed that day.

7. Order Variances and Adjustments

If an order does not match the payment remitted in amount, due to a pricing or certain errors, the difference will be deducted or added to the customer’s account. To avoid unnecessary delays, customers should carefully check their order before submitting it to the company.

8. Shipping

Herbalissima may ship products with 24 hours after the order is processed. Due to heavy volumes on Friday, some orders may take longer hours to ship.


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